aboutKentucky Land Company sets itself apart from others selling land or real estate because of the philosophy of their company and their affiliates. They have, from the inception of the company, been focused on the needs of their customers or potential customer’s specific needs. They will not refuse any person or family based on their financial situation. They remain dedicated to producing results that the customer desires. Buying a home or land for a first time buyer with no “track record” is sometimes very difficult for young couples or families that have suffered a set back for whatever reason. Kentucky Land Company is dedicated to making the dream of owning a home or land for Kentucky families a reality.

We promise to help you and your family become home or land owners regardless of your current financial condition provided we have what your looking for.

We promise to not waste your valuable time by getting your hopes up only to have them dashed at the bank. We do our own financing if you don’t have a favorite bank in mind.

We promise that our salespeople will do everything in their power to find your family just what your looking for in a real estate purchase.